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Use artificial intelligence to strategically manage your investment portfolio. AIS technology provides individuals and money managers with stock trading software that predicts the movements of capital in financial markets.

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Take full advantage of our approach by partnering with us. Our goal is to provide hedge funds and other financial firms with advanced AI trading strategies that can be implemented manually or in algorithmic trading systems.


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About Us

Based in Louisiana, AI Strategics, LLC, is a research company that has developed a number of AI Strategies for financial markets. The company seeks mutually supportive partnerships with individuals and firms that want to create maximally secure and advanced trading environments.

The founder of the company has decades of experience in the field of artificial intelligence, including automated reasoning. After leaving the academic world in 2004, he developed a versatile approach to the creation of financial markets systems and founded AIS in 2008. The company has developed multiple, independent stock trading systems that can be used in both manual and robotic implementations.

If you are a portfolio manager wishing to increase returns, joining forces with AIS can help you to realize some of the advantages of using cutting-edge, algorithmic trading systems as well as powerful manually-driven technologies.


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